The Garage

By, Devora Farrell Of ThisOrganized., LLC Let’s just be honest here, shall we? How long has it been since you’ve actually parked your car in the garage? If your answer is “last night,” then you have my permission to turn the page. You probably have enough room for all of your belongings. Or, you rely solely on public transportation, in which case, you don’t have a garage. Now, on to the rest of us plebeians: If your answer is, “never,” or “I didn’t know that that’s what a garage was intended for,” let’s explore the possibilities. Most people think of garage storage as appropriate for sports equipment, lawn maintenance equipment, sukkah boards, boxes still packed from the last move, and possibly, recycling bins. They’re right – a garage is a good place for that (but not the boxes – if you haven’t opened them yet, can’t quite remember what’s in them, and it’s been at least a year, consider letting them go – you have my permission to chuck ‘em without even opening them. Yes, I mean that. ). There are a few good options for outdoor-related equipment, among them: Garbage pails for bats, mitts, balls, hockey sticks, pads, helmets…perhaps separated by sport, if there’s enough to warrant that. Another possibility is netting, mounted on the wall, to corral balls of different sizes, or hooks for some lawn-maintenance equipment. Some people enjoy the “parking lot” idea of painting lines on the garage floor appropriately sized for the lawn mower, snow blower, seed spreader, and the like. Now, before addressing what else could go in there, purge everything that you can. Remember my favorite song: The less you have,…

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